Michael Fons

Michael Fons (2021)

M.A. University of Kansas (2018): Subtle Manipulation: A Rhetorical Analysis of Medea Across Time and Genre in Greek and Roman Literature.

William Stover

B.A., Concentration in Classical Philology, Baylor University (2016), Rome: Reverence and Resentment in the Greek East. M.A. in Classical Languages, University of Notre Dame (2018): Making Pyrrhus: Contrasts and Consolidations in Epirote Identity. M.A. in Classics, University of Virginia (2020).

Catherine Daun

B.A. Classics, Brigham Young University (2016).


Rachel Bier (2017)

M.A. Graduate

B.A. Xavier University (2013), M.A. Washington University in St. Louis (2015).

Adam Gross

Adam Gross (2015)

B.A. Boston College (2012), Post Bac. University of Pennsylvania (2013).

Jennifer LaFleur

B.A. CSU-Chico (2005), Post Bac. UC Davis (2008), M.A. University of Virginia (2010): Knowing Well: Gnomic Statements in Herodotus' History, Book 1. Ph.D. (in progress) Greek Historiography in Middle Republican Rome.

David Hewett

David Hewett (2009)

B.A. Dickinson College (2006), M.A. University of Virginia (2009): mitto me in mare: The Philosophic Allegory of Seneca, Epistle 53.

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller (2009)

B.A. Colgate University (2007), M.A. University of Virginia (2009): From West to East : The Progression of Wise Advice in Arrian's Anabasis.