Anastasia Dakouri-Hild

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in Aegean and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology and has published extensively on the Mycenaean civilization and the site of Thebes. Her most recent publications include Staging Death: Funerary Performance, Architecture and Landscape in the Ancienty Mediterranean, with M. Boyd (DeGruyter, in press), and Beyond illustration: 2D and 3D Technologies as Tools for Discovery in Archaeology, with B. Frischer (Archaeopress and ACLS Humanities E-Book, 2008).  She is currently working on the edited colume Public Archaeologies of the Ancient Mediterranean (special issue of the Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies), the republication of the old excavations at the Theban cemeteries (with V. Aravantinos and Y. Fappas), and the House of Kadmos in Thebes.