Gregory Hays

Associate Professor of Classics


Associate Professor of Classics. His research centers on late and medieval Latin, as well as on Latin palaeography and manuscript studies. His publications include a translation of Marcus Aurelius's Meditations (Modern Library, 2002) and numerous articles on various aspects of Greek and Latin literature. He is currently finishing a new edition with commentary on the late antique North African mythographer Fulgentius. 

Research Interests

My research centers on medieval Latin literature and on Latin palaeography and manuscript studies. I am currently finishing an edition with commentary of the works of the sixth century allegorist Fulgentius (forthcoming from Oxford University Press). I'm also working on a short book about the history of Latin manuscripts from 1500 to the present. Other topics that I have an interest in include Latin palaeography and textual criticism, the ancient reception of Vergil, and Greek lyric poetry (especially its influence in modern literature).

Selected Publications

  • "Sounds from a Silent Land: the Latin Poetry of Byzantine North Africa," in S.T. Stephens and J. Conant, ed., North Africa under Byzantium and Early Islam (Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 2016), 269-293.
  • "Notes on John of Garland's Epithalamium Beatae Virginis Mariae," Journal of Medieval Latin 24 (2014), 53-88.
  • "A Poem by Guarino on Leonello of Ferrara," Traditio 69 (2014), 147-151.
  • "The Mythographic Tradition after Ovid," in J.F. Miller and C.E. Newlands, eds., A Handbook to the Reception of Ovid (Chichester: Wiley Blackwell, 2014), 129-143.
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  • "John of Garland's Clauis Compendii. Notes and Explications," Journal of Medieval Latin 21 (2011), 53-136.
  • "Fulgentius of Ruspe and his Medieval Readers," in Antonio Piras, ed. Lingua et Ingenium. Studi su Fulgenzio di Ruspe e il suo contesto (Cagliari, 2010), 105-145.
  • "Notes on the Glosarium Ainardi," Filologia Mediolatina 15 (2008), 269-281.
  • "Did Chrétien de Troyes Know Hyginus's Fabulae?" Romance Philology 62 (2008), 75-81.
  • "Further Notes on Fulgentius," Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 103 (2007), 483-498.
  • "Flumen orationis" in G.R. Wieland, C. Ruff and R.G. Arthur, eds. Insignis sophiae arcator. Medieval Latin Studies in Honour of Michael Herren on his 65th Birthday (Turnhout: Brepols, 2006), 1-27
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  • "The Date and Identity of the Mythographer Fulgentius," Journal of Medieval Latin 13, 2003, 163-252
  • Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. Translated with an introduction and notes (Random House, 2002)
  • "The Pseudo-Fulgentian Super Thebaiden," in Vertis in Usum: Studies in Honor of Edward Courtney (Munich and Leipzig, 2002), 200-219
  • "Three Passages in Fulgentius," Eranos 99 (2001),100-102.
  • "Tales out of School: Grammatical Culture in Fulgentius the Mythographer" forthcoming in Carol Lanham, ed. Latin Grammar and Rhetoric: Classical Theory and Medieval Practice.
  • "A Second Look at Fulgentius's Alexander," Vigiliae Christianae 54 (2000), 204-207
  • "Jean Gerson" in D. Sinnreich-Levi, ed., Dictionary of Literary Biography: The French and Occitan Middle Ages (Detroit, 1999), 129-140
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  • "A Note on Juvencus 4. 286," Classical Quarterly n.s. 48 (1998), 599-600.
  • "Le morte stagioni: Intertextuality in Quasimodo's Lirici Greci," Forum Italicum 29 (1995), 26-43
  • Lexicographical articles for the Thesaurus linguae Latinae
  • Various book reviews including Ellen Greene, ed. Reading Sappho, E. Wolff, ed. Dracontius. Oeuvres IV , A. Bierl, Die Orestie des Aischylos auf der modernen Bühne, and Stephen Harrison, Apuleius. A Latin Sophist.


I'm originally from Indianapolis, and grew up there and abroad. I majored in Greek at Yale, and then went on to do doctoral work in Classics at Cornell. After finishing my PhD, I spent a year in Munich as a post-doctoral fellow at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. I taught for two years at the University of Illinois before moving to UVA, where I've taught since 1999. For more information, please visit my home page.