Inger Kuin

Assistant Professor, General Faculty


Research Interests

Inger Kuin works on the Greek literature of the Roman Empire. She is interested in the intersections during this period between religion, popular culture, and philosophy. Kuin is working on a monograph on the comic works of Lucian of Samosata, titled The Gods in Lucian: Humor, Popular Culture, and Religion in the Second Century CE. She has published an introduction to ancient religion - in Dutch - titled Leven met goden. Religie in de oudheid; it was the runner up for the 2018 Homerus Prize for the best Dutch popular book on antiquity. Kuin has co-edited several volumes, either already in print or about to appear: Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC - 100AD) (Sidestone Press, 2018); After the Crisis. Remembrance, Re-Anchoring, and Recovery in Ancient Greece and Rome (Bloomsbury, 2020). She has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on imperial Greek historiography, Latin epigraphy, and ancient philosophy, and is a regular contributor to Dutch newspapers and magazines.

Selected Publications (see for a full list):


2018. Leven met de goden: Religie in de oudheid. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.
2017. Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC - 100 AD). Publications of the Netherlands Institute in Athens VI. Sidestone Press, Leiden (co-edited with T.M. Dijkstra; M. Moser; D. Weidgenannt).

Articles and chapters

2019. ‘Diogenes vs. Demonax: Laughter as Philosophy in Lucian,’ in P. Destrée; F. Trivigno (eds.), Laughter in Ancient Philosophy. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 263—284
2019. ‘Competition and Innovation in Aristotle, Politics 2,’ in C. Pieper; C.Damon (eds.), Eris vs. Aemulatio: Competition in Classical Antiquity. Brill, Leiden, 120—140.
2019. ‘Een ondeugende Diogenes: seks en humor in de apocriefeCynische brieven,’ Lampas 52.2: 139—151.
2018. ‘Sulla and the Invention of Roman Athens,’ Mnemosyne 71.4, 616—639.
2017. Rewriting Family History: Strabo and the Mithridatic Wars,’ Phoenix 71.1/2: 102118.
2017. Unseen and Unharmed: A Case Study in Understanding Opisthographic Epitaphs,’ Classical Quarterly 67.2, 573—582.
2017. Anchoring Political Change in Post-Sullan Athens,’ in T.M. Dijkstra; I.N.I. Kuin; M.M. Moser; D. Weidgenannt (eds.), Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC - 100 AD). Publications of the Netherlands Institute in Athens VI. Sidestone Press, Leiden, 157167.
2017. ‘Het (on)bereikbare verleden: Traditie, verankering en innovatie in de oudheid,’ Groniek 214, 3143 (with J.J.H. Klooster).
2017. ‘Being a Barbarian: Lucian and Otherness in the Second Sophistic,’ Groniek 211, 131143.


Kuin completed her Ph.D. in classics at New York University, after obtaining master's degrees in philosophy and journalism at the University of Amsterdam. Before coming to UVA, she taught at Dartmouth College and the University of Groningen. This year Kuin will be teaching courses on Plautus, Cicero & Catullus, and New Testament Greek, as well as a seminar on laughter and humor in ancient Greece and Rome. In her free time she can be seen around Charlottesville on her bike, carrying her cello around, or sometimes in running shoes.