Recent PhD Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber (2010)

Classics Teacher, Middlesex School, Concord, MA

Dissertation Title: Speaker and Addressee in Horace's Odes.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Daniel's most recent publicatoin is a review of Whitton's Pliny: Epistles Book II in Classical Journal for 2015.


Salvador Bartera
Assistant Professor, Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures, Mississippi State University

Dissertation Title: A Commentary on Tacitus, Annals 16.1-20.
Advisor: Tony Woodman

Salvador's most recent publication is 'Commentary Writing on the Annals of Tacitus', in Classical Commentaries: Explorations in a Scholarly Genre (ed. C.S. Kraus & C. Stray, Oxford 2016) 113-35.


Andrew Beer

Andrew Beer (2012)

Assistant Professor, Department of Classical and Early Christian Studies, Christendom College

Dissertation Title: Socrates and the Art of Healing Souls: A Study in Socratic Rhetoric.
Advisor: Jon Mikalson

Hilary Bouxsein
Visiting Assistant Professor, Classics, St. Olaf College

Dissertation Title: Talking Truth: The Vocabulary of Honesty in Archaic Greek Poetry.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

B.A. St. Olaf (2009), M.A. University of Virginia (2011): Homeric Counterfactuals in Direct SpeechPh.D. (2016): Talking Truth: The Vocabulary of Honesty in Archaic Greek Poetry.

Megan Bowen

Megan Bowen (2018)

Dissertation Title: Prayer and Power in Ovid's Metamorphoses
Advisor: K. Sara Myers and John F Miller

B.A. University of Colorado (2008), M.A. University of Virginia (2012): Infernal Voices: The Catalogue of Women in Aeneid 6. Ph.D. University of Virgina (2018) Prayer and Power in Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Timothy Brannelly
Latin Teacher, Tandem Friends School, Charlottesville, VA

Dissertation Title: Jupiter and Juno in Ovid's Fasti: Prismatic Personae and Polarity.

Advisor: John F. Miller and K. Sara Myers

B.A. Cornell University (2008), M.A. University of Virginia (2012): Breaking the Law: Legal Language and Love in Ovid's Amores. Ph.D. (2021) A Clash of Characters: Jupiter and Juno in Ovid's Fasti: Prismatic personae and Polarity.

Tim Brelinski

Tim Brelinski (2008)

Lecturer, Classics, UC Davis

Dissertation Title: Narrative Patterns in the Odyssey: Repetition and the Creation of Meaning.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Tim's most recent publication is 'Medon meets a Cyclops? Odyssey 22.310-80', Classical Quarterly 65 (2015) 1-13.


Rachel Bruzzone
Teaching Fellow, Bilkent University, Turkey

Dissertation Title: Cities as Characters in Thucydides.
Advisor: John Dillery

Rachel's most recent publication is 'Killing the Past in Thucydides' Plataean Debate', Classical Philology 110 (2015) 289-300.


Christopher Caterine
Writing Lead, Consulting Pursuit Center of Excellence, Deloitte in New Orleans

Dissertation Title: A Crisis of Interpretation: Contradiction, Ambiguity, and the Reader of Lucan's Bellum Civile.
Advisor: Gregory Hays

Chris is the author of Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide (2020, Princeton University Press). He has been published in Inside Higher Education, quoted in Nature Careers, and interviewed by numerous post-academic career groups. While in academia, he wrote on Lucan.

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Brett Evans

Brett Evans (2020)

Dissertation Title: Callimachus and the exchange of cultural capital at court.

Advisor: Ivana Petrovic

B.A. William and Mary (2013), M.A. University of Bristol (2015): Papierlandschaft. Through and Between Tacitus's Agricola and W. G. Sebald's The Rings of Saturn, M.A. University of Virginia (2016): Textual Notes on Aeschylus Agamemnon, Ph.D. University of Virginia (2020): Callimachus and the exchange of cultural capital at court.

Courtney Evans
Resident Assistant Professor, Creighton University

Dissertation Title: Time in the Odes of Horace.
Advisor: Jenny Clay

B.A. Evergreen State College, Post Bac. Georgetown (2007), M.A. University of Virginia (2009): hoc precor illum: The Language of Separation in Tibullus 1.3, Ph.D. University of Virginia (2016): Time in the Odes of Horace.

Rebecca Frank

Rebecca Frank (2020)

Dissertation Title: Plutarch and the Delphic Oracle.

Advisor: Ivana Petrovic

B.A. St. Olaf College (2014), M.A. University of Virginia (2016): Ghostly Statues: The Barren Statue Bases in the Forum of Pompeii. Ph.D. University of Virginia (2020): Plutarch and the Delphic Oracle.

Tom Garvey

Tom Garvey (2010)

Latin Teacher, The Meadows School, Las Vegas, NV

Dissertation Title: The Flower of Youth: Coming of Age in Homer.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Mary Hamil Gilbert
Instructor of Classics, Birmingham Southern University

Disertation Title: Jean Racine Reads the Ancients: Classical Allusions and Ancient Poetics in Andromaque, Britannicus, and Phèdre et Hippolyte.
Advisor: Jon Mikalson

B.A. University of Georgia (2006), M.A. Washington University (2008): Politics and Parody in Aristophanes' Acharnians, Clouds, and Frogs, M.A. University of Virginia (2012): Vergil's Venus: Secret Schemes and Swan Signs in Aeneid 1.

Sarah Herbert

Sarah Herbert (2017)

Dissertation Title: The Philosopher and the Farmer: Spatial metaphor in three conversations in Euripides, Plato, and Xenophon.
Advisor: Sara Myers

B.A. Rice, J.D. Harvard, M.A. University of Virginia (2009): Reckless Yearnings: Odyssean Influences in Arrian's Anabasis of Alexander.

Daniel Holmes

Daniel Holmes (2006)

Associate Professor of Classical Languages, University of the South (Sewanee)

Dissertation Title: Power and Persuasion in Aristophanes' Birds.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Benjamin Jasnow

Dissertation Title: What the Shepherds Sing: Local Identity in the Bucolic Idylls of Theocritus.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Ben has published 'Germanicus, Nero and the Incognito King in Tacitus' Annals 2.13 and 13.25', Classical Journal 110 (2015) 313-31, and is now working on 'Poetic and geographical organisation in the Catalogue of Ships' with Jenny Strauss Clay and Courtney Evans.  His latest non-classical publication is Georgic Fantasy, with illustrations by John Woodman.


Dan Leon

Dan Leon (2012)

Assistant Professor, Department of the Classics, University of Illinois

Dissertation Title: Arrian, Alexander, and the Limits of the Second Sophistic.
Advisor: John Dillery

Stephanie McCarter
Associate Professor of Classical Languages, University of the South (Sewanee)

Dissertation Title: Poetry, Philosophy, and Adaptability in Horace's Epistles.
Advisor: K. Sara Myers

Stephanie's first book, Horace between Freedom and Slavery: The First Book of Epistles, has recently appeared from University of Wisconsin Press (2015).


Blanche Conger McCune
Visiting Lecturer, Baylor University

Dissertation Title: Horace's Mythological Lexicon: Recurring Myths and Meaning in the Odes.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Blanche's latest paper, on Chloe in Horace's Odes, has been accepted for publication in Classical Quarterly.


Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore (2014)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Classics, University of Virginia

Dissertation Title: Progress, Learning, and the Benefit of History in Polybius.
Advisor: John Dillery

Daniel's paper on Polybius has been accepted for publication in Classical Quarterly.


Jocelyn Rohrbach Moore
Post-doctoral Fellow at UVA's St. Anselm Institute

Dissertation Title: When You Can't Go Home Again: The Destruction of the oikos in Greek Tragedy.
Advisor: Jon D. Mikalson

B.A. The Catholic University of America (2008), M.A. Washington University in St. Louis (2011).

Harold Reeves (2014)

Litigation Associate, Cooper & Kirk, PLLC

Dissertation Title: The Stock Tyrant and the Roman Emperors: The Influence of the Traditional Portrait of Tyranny on Suetonius' Caesares.
Advisor: Tony Woodman

Kevin Scahill

Kevin Scahill (2021)

Dissertation Title: Allusion and Exemplarity in Livy 44 and 45

Advisor: Anthony Corbeill

B.A. in English and Classical Languages, Austin Peay State University (2006); M.A. in English, Austin Peay State University (2013): “Boats Against the Current”: Gatz-Gatsby and Lucifer-Satan; M.A. in Classical Languages, University of Georgia (2014): The Role of Diomedes in Latin Epic. Ph.D. in Classics, University of Virginia (2021): Allusion and Exemplarity in Livy 44 and 45.


Georgia Sermamoglou Soulmaidi
Director, Greek Studies on Site

Dissertation Title: Playful Philosophy and Serious Sophistry: Reversals in Plato's Euthydemus.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Last Publication: Playful Philosophy and Serious Sophistry: A Reading of Plato's Euthydemus. Berlin De Gruyter, 2014. Georgia is currently Research Fellow at the University of Göttingen, Germany, and is working on a series of papers on Plato. Greek Studies on Site


Zoe Stamatopoulou
Tombros Early Career Professor of Classical Studies and Assistant Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Penn State University; (from Fall 2016) Associate Professor, Washington University, St. Louis

Dissertation Title: The Reception of Hesiod in Epinician.
Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

Zoe's latest publication is 'The Quarrel with Perses and Hesiod's Biographical Tradion', GRBS 51 (2016) 1-17.  Her book, Hesiod and Classical Greek Poetry, is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press later this year.


Sarah Teets

Sarah Teets (2018)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dissertation Title: One is not born a Greek: Josephus and Cultural Identity in the Against Apion

Advisor: John Dillery


B.A. California State University, Long Beach (2007), M.A. University of Colorado, Bolder (2012): Historian Historicized: The Representation of Nicolaus of Damascus in Josephus' Judaean Antiquities. Ph.D. University of Virginia (2018): One is not born a Greek: Josephus and Cultural Identity in the Against Apion.

Athanassios Vergados
Reader in Greek, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Dissertation Title: A Commentary on the Homeric Hymn to Hermes.
Advisor: Jenny Clay

Last Publication: The Homeric Hymn to Hermes: Introduction, Text and Commentary. (De Gruyter 2013).
Athanassios Vergados


Joseph Zehner

Joseph Zehner (2020)

Dissertation Title: Genealogy in Early Greek Philosophy.

Advisor: Jenny Strauss Clay

B.A. Temple University (2010), M.A. in Classics, Texas Tech University (2012), M.A. in Philosophy, Texas Tech University (2013): Interpreting the Pre-Socratic Poets, Ph.D. University of Virginia (2020): Genealogy in Early Greek Philosophy.