Students Majoring in Classics

Over fifty students are majoring in the Classics program at any given time. Many of them combine a major in Classics with another major such as History, Economics, English, or Biology. Courses for the major are normally taught by the faculty. Since the Department offers both master's and doctoral programs, undergraduates with advanced skills may take course work at the graduate level. The interaction among undergraduates, graduates, and faculty provides an atmosphere highly conducive to the learning process. Each year there is available to students a full program of public lectures on various classical subjects. The Department sponsors regular information sessions for Classics majors on careers and study abroad. And the majors themselves, through their Classics Club, have a program of social and service events throughout the year.

 The majors in Classics are a small enough group that they come to know one another well through their classes and informal activities. The faculty are also able to devote to them individual attention, know them well, and give them advice tailored to who they are and what they want to do. Many of them tell us that they can't imagine a better combination than that of coming to UVa, which has the rich possibilities of a large university, and majoring in Classics, which provides the intimacy and personal attention of a small college.

 Our graduating majors each year go on to diverse careers. Some pursue graduate work in Classics. Some begin teaching high school Latin immediately or pursue a Master's Degree in that field. Each year some go on to graduate work in other fields (English, History, Philosophy), to medical school, to law school, or to the corporate world. One recently became a forest ranger. Our graduates report that their Classics major is regarded with great respect by prospective employers and has helped them secure the job of their choice.