Faculty Publications

The Materiality of Text

Placement, Perception, and Presence of Inscribed Texts in Classical Antiquity

Inner Purity and Pollution in Greek Religion

Oxford University Press (2016)

New Aspects of Religion in Ancient Athens

Honors, Authorities, Esthetics, and Society

Brill (2016)
University of Michigan Press (2014)
Cambridge (2014)

Expressions of Time in Ancient Greek

Cambridge (2014)
Journal of Hellenic Studies 134 (2014) 56-65 (2014)
Cambridge (2011)
Focus Publishing (2010)

Latin Historiogrphy and Poetry in the Early Empire

Generic Interactions

Brill (2010)

Apollo, Augustus, and the Poets

Cambridge (2009)
Ovid: Metamorphoses

Ovid: Metamorphoses

Book XIV

Cambridge (2009)