Some Current Majors

Abigail Bright

Graduating Class: Spring 2020
Major: Classics, Latin Concentration
Why Classics: I am in my eighth year of learning Latin, and I’ve always loved the eloquence of the language. I am also studying to pursue a career in medicine one day, and I believe Classics is the foundation of my education. I firmly believe that loving medicine is to innately care for people and culture. What I’m learning now gets to the heart of the evolution of medicine and of people over centuries.
Best Thing About Classics at UVA: The community of this department has really become a home for me on Grounds, where there are always good conversations and brilliant people.
Isabella Grado

Isabella Grado

Graduating Class: Spring 2021
Major: Classics, Latin Concentration
Why Classics: I was first exposed to Latin in first grade and immediately fell in love. My immersion into the language fostered my interest in the lives of Ancient Romans and Greeks. I believe that pursuing a degree in Classics will be a great foundation for any of my future endeavors.

Kate Jensen

Graduating Class: Spring 2024
Major: Classics (Greek & Latin)
Why Classics: I’ve always loved learning about the history of languages and the interdependence of language and culture. Studying Classics gives me the opportunity to explore this more deeply while also getting to learn about many other subjects that I’m interested in— Art, Science, Literature, etc.

Megan Sullivan

Graduating Class: Spring 2023
Major: Classics, Latin and Greek
Why Classics: I have a very wide range of interests, and I like that within classics, I can study all of them within the context of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. I get to study language, literature, humor, politics, history, women, class structure, and so much more without being made to commit to only one topic.