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John Dillery

Professor of Classics and Director of Graduate Studies

Office Address: Cocke Hall B011

He is the author of Xenophon and the History of His Times (Routledge, 1995), articles on Greek Classical and Hellenistic historiography, and the Loeb edition of Xenophon's Anabasis. His latest publication is Clio's Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho (Michigan, 2015), a monograph on non-Greek historiography written in the Greek language in early Ptolemaic Egypt and Seleucid Babylon.

Research Interests

The focus of my research is ancient historical writing, chiefly Greek. I am especially interested in late Classical and early Hellenistic historiography.

Selected Publications


Xenophon and the History of His Times, Routledge: London and New York, 1995. 337 pp. + xii. ISBN 0-415-09139-X. Paperback 2012 ISBN 978-0-415-64293-4

Xenophon Anabasis, Revised and with a new introduction. Loeb Classical Library, Harvard University Press: Cambridge Mass. 1998 ISBN 0-674-99101X.  Reprinted with corrections in 2001.

Clio’s ‘Other’ Sons: Berossus and Manetho (The University of Michigan Press) 2015. 978-0-472-07227-9/978-0-472-05227-1

Recent Articles

• “Xenophon’s Shorter Works” in The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon. M. Flower ed.

 Cambridge University Press (2017) 195-219.

• “Making Logoi: Herodotus Book 2 and Hecataeus of Miletus”. Interpreting Herodotus. Thomas Harrison and Elizabeth Irwin eds. Oxford University Press (2018) 17-52.

• “The Past in the Present and the Limits of History. Three Greek Cases.” Conceptualizing the Past, Present and Future. Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium of the Melammu Project. R. Rollinger ed. Münster Ugarit-Verlag (2018) 207-228

• “Words of Wonder: Initial θαυμάζειν in Isocrates, Xenophon, and Related Texts.” Trends in Classics 10.1 ed. by Melina Tamiolaki (2018) 77-100.

• “Croesus’ Great Nemesis” Cambridge Classics Journal 65 (2019) 29-62

• “Cynisca’s Swift-Footed Horses: CEG 820 (IG V.1 1564A, IvO 160) and the Lame Kingship of Agesilaus”,  ZPE 210 (2019) 17-19


I was an undergraduate at Oberlin College, earning my AB in Ancient Greek in 1983. I received my MA (1987) and PhD (1989) from the University of Michigan.