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The J.S. Constantine Library is located in the basement of Cocke Hall with the rest of the Classics Department and is open 24 hours. All faculty, graduate students and majors receive keys to the Library, which contains nearly three thousand texts, commentaries, and other reference books, as well as computers for general use.

Alderman Library, the University's main research library, houses a rich collection of materials related to Classics and Ancient History. Of particular note is the collection of German pamphlets and dissertations collected by Professor Martin Hertz (1818-1895) of the University of Breslau. The Library has online subscriptions to most major classical journals and many important databases.

The Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library possesses an array of classical and medieval materials, including about thirty medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and an extensive collection of manuscript fragments. The Library also has important holdings in incunabula and other early printed books, including the library of the Virginia collector and typography enthusiast Edward L. Stone.

Rare Book School, located in the basement of Alderman Library, offers intensive summer courses (many held at UVA) on the history of written, printed and digital materials, attracting students, scholars, and members of the book trade from across the country.

The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia houses nearly 600 coins of Greek and Roman origin. About 450 of the total number of coins are from the Roman Republic or Empire, providing a broad sample of coins from the late 3rd century B.C. to the late 3rd century A.D., particularly from the Crisis of the Third Century. These include more than 100 coins from the breakaway Gallic Empire of A.D. 260-274.